Fluids rendering with Nvidia FleX (WIP)

This project, which is currently still in development, is based on real time fluid simulation. I have integrated Nvidia FleX into my own game engine, and I have written a paper on which pre-existing techniques I will be using.

In the current visual result, every particle is represented by a position and radius in fleX. This gets sent to a geometry shader, from which it constructs a quad facing the camera per position. Then I reconstruct the normal out of the texture coordinates in the pixel shader.

The next step is to blur the depth information, and combine this with a thickness map to get realistic water (more information can be found in my paper).

Unfortunately, my depth information is not detailed enough to reconstruct normal information, unless the camera is really close.

As of 5 may 2018, I have started working on this again. My goals are to drastically increase the particles in my simulation, and to render my depth information better.