BurnedIce Engine

The BurnedIce Engine is a 3D engine I wrote in order to learn more about game engines. It is written in C++ using DirectX 11. It uses Assimp to load in meshes, and Nvidia PhysX to simulate physics. I took the opportunity to combine my graduation work with this personal project, so I also implemented Nvidia FleX. More info on this can be found on the page rendering fluids with FleX.

Current functionality includes:

  • Component-based hierarchy
  • Loading in models (using Assimp) and textures
  • Keyboard and mouse input
  • Free camera
  • Working transform component
  • PhysX

The next step in my engine is to implement deferred rendering.

Source code can be found on Bitbucket.

Besides working in my own engine, I also have experience implementing techniques into the 3D engine our school provides. In this engine, we have learned how to implement

  • Terrain heightmaps
  • Text rendering
  • skyboxes
  • post processing effects
  • particle emitters
  • Geometry shaders