Other projects

Here I have collected various projects that are not related to coding.

PBR gun

This gun was modelled in 3ds max, and textured using substance painter 2 (without using generated materials) and photoshop. As a programmer, I am quite proud on the end result, although I could’ve done things differently.



The gun on sketchfab

Unreal Tournament map

This is a 1v1 map made in the latest Unreal Tournament Editor. It was made using modular props. This project was a great learning experience to get to know UE4 and its shader system.


FX Shrine

This project enabled me to learn with UE4’s Cascade system, and vector fields. Some effects are not that nice, but I’m proud on the golden emerging sun that is being summoned.

Droid Rig

This is a rig I made in 3ds max. I made the 3D model myself, but it is based on some concept art I found online